Caramelized Fruits and Vegetables

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    Caramelized grilled peppers

    Caramelized grilled peppers

    3,91 €

    Our red peppers are roasted and then caramelized. Ideal with all types of meat, fish, salads, pizzas, and cheeses, as well as to make sauces with cream or vegetables. 175 g. Learn
  2. Caramelized onion with Sherry vinegar

    Caramelized onion with Sherry...

    3,45 €

    Onion cut into julienne strips, caramelized, and with a touch of Sherry vinegar. Especially suitable for meats, fish, foie gras, and cheeses, as well as adding a special touch to sautéed vegetables (sofrito). 170 g. Learn
  3. Caramelized figs with Sherry vinegar

    Caramelized figs with Sherry...

    3,55 €

    Selection of the best Spanish figs caramelized at low heat. Best suited for preparing desserts or roasts, and as a garnish for fresh and cured cheeses, Ibérico ham, or duck breast. 175 g. Learn
  4. Caramelized apple slices

    Caramelized apple slices

    3,45 €

    2,93 €

    Laminated, caramelized and candied apples. Especially suitable for the preparation, garnish, and decorating of desserts like cake, ice cream, and yogurts. Also confers a contrasting flavor to roasts, cheese, and foie. 170 g. Learn
  5. Gift box - "Caramelized"

    Gift box - "Caramelized"

    20,00 €

    Gift box - "Caramelized fruits and vegetables" includes Caramelized roasted pepper, Caramelized onion with Sherry vinegar, Caramelized apple slices & Caramelized figs with Sherry vinegar. Learn
  6. Extra gift box - "Marmalades & Caramelized"

    Extra gift box - "Marmalades &...

    33,00 €

    Extra gift box - "Marmalades & Caramelized" includes Orange marmalade, Orange marmalade with chocolate, Tomato jam, Fig jam, Caramelized roasted pepper, Caramelized onion with Sherry vinegar, Caramelized apple slices & Caramelized figs with Sherry vinegar. Learn

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