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  1. Toasted Largueta almonds

    Toasted Largueta almonds

    3,90 €

    Toasted FDS Largueta almonds (unsalted) are easy to peel and delicious to the palate. Their quality remains whole and ideal toasting enhances the flavor, making them a tasty snack. 100 g. Learn
  2. Toasted salted Largueta almonds

    Toasted salted Largueta almonds

    3,80 €

    Toasted FDS Largueta almonds with salt are easy to peel and delicious to the palate. Their quality remains whole and ideal toasting enhances the flavor, making them a tasty snack. 100 g. Learn
  3. Roasted salted Marcona almonds

    Roasted salted Marcona almonds

    4,75 €

    Marcona almonds are the most prized of all varieties grown in Spain. Only Marcona almonds, roasted by hand, can reach this roasted, bright, smooth aspect and traditional flavor. 110 g. Learn
  4. Bitter orange marmalade

    Bitter orange marmalade

    3,05 €

    FDS orange marmalade is traditionally elaborated using only Spanish oranges and sugar. Particularly suitable to accompany duck breast and confit. It is also perfect with toasted bread or crackers, to fill cakes, or for making cheesecake. 185 g. Learn
  5. Sale
    Caramelized grilled peppers

    Caramelized grilled peppers

    3,91 €

    Our red peppers are roasted and then caramelized. Ideal with all types of meat, fish, salads, pizzas, and cheeses, as well as to make sauces with cream or vegetables. 175 g. Learn
  6. Caramel glazed almonds

    Caramel glazed almonds

    4,35 €

    Caramelized FDS almonds convey the traditional aroma of toasted caramel. After the crispy and delicious flavor of caramel you'll enjoy a tasty toasted Largueta almond. 100 g. Learn
  7. Toasted hazelnuts

    Toasted hazelnuts

    4,25 €

    Their distinctive flavor and aroma are enhanced by our traditional roasting. A delicious snack, full of energy. Learn
  8. Natural walnuts

    Natural walnuts

    3,55 €

    Thanks to their high content in Omega-3, natural walnuts are considered to be the most natural "medicine" for the heart. Learn
  9. Natural cocktail

    Natural cocktail

    3,35 €

    This is a 100% natural cocktail nut mix. Delicious almonds come together with tasty hazelnuts, the bold flavor of walnuts, the sweet taste of raisins, and the exotic touch of cashews. 100 g. Learn
  10. Caramelized Pecan nuts

    Caramelized Pecan nuts

    4,20 €

    Pecan nuts offer us their delicate shapes and exotic flavor, bathed in a thin layer of dark caramel. Quite a treat for the palate. 90 g. Learn
  11. Piedras - Chocolate covered almonds

    Piedras - Chocolate covered almonds

    3,95 €

    Toasted Largueta almonds covered with delicious black chocolate and dipped in a thin layer of cocoa. You cannot eat just one. 125 g. Learn
  12. Caramelized onion with Sherry vinegar

    Caramelized onion with Sherry...

    3,45 €

    Onion cut into julienne strips, caramelized, and with a touch of Sherry vinegar. Especially suitable for meats, fish, foie gras, and cheeses, as well as adding a special touch to sautéed vegetables (sofrito). 170 g. Learn
  13. Piedras - Chocolate covered kikos

    Piedras - Chocolate covered kikos

    3,25 €

    Giant Toasted corn, covered with exquisite black chocolate and bathed in a thin layer of cocoa. A contrast of flavors that will surprise you. 110 g. Learn
  14. Envolver para regalo

    Envolver para regalo

    1,50 €

  15. Bitter orange mermelade with chocolate

    Bitter orange mermelade with...

    3,45 €

    Delicious combination of bitter chocolate and sweet oranges. Especially suitable in preparing, garnishing and decorating desserts, cakes, and pastries. 185 g. Learn
  16. Tomato jam

    Tomato jam

    3,45 €

    Traditional elaboration, using only Spanish tomatoes and sugar. Particularly suitable to accompany creamy, fresh, and fried cheeses, pâtés, or vegetable tempura, as well as breakfast and snacks. 195 g. Learn
  17. Sherry vinegar

    Sherry vinegar

    2,20 €

    FDS Sherry vinegar has a rich amber color with mahogany tones. Its acetic scent includes hints of wood and nuts, and its flavor is reminiscent of the Sherry wines it is made from. As an essential condiment in the Mediterranean diet, it is ideal for making dressings, vinaigrettes, marinades, and brines. 250 ml. Learn
  18. Fig jam

    Fig jam

    3,45 €

    FDS fig marmalade is made in an artisan way using only Spanish figs and sugar. Especially suitable for the preparation of cakes, desserts and yoghurts, salads with nuts, or as a garnish with cheese, pâté, mushrooms, and grilled meats. 185 g. Learn
  19. Caramelized figs with Sherry vinegar

    Caramelized figs with Sherry...

    3,55 €

    Selection of the best Spanish figs caramelized at low heat. Best suited for preparing desserts or roasts, and as a garnish for fresh and cured cheeses, Ibérico ham, or duck breast. 175 g. Learn
  20. Caramelized apple slices

    Caramelized apple slices

    3,45 €

    2,93 €

    Laminated, caramelized and candied apples. Especially suitable for the preparation, garnish, and decorating of desserts like cake, ice cream, and yogurts. Also confers a contrasting flavor to roasts, cheese, and foie. 170 g. Learn
  21. Sherry vinegar reserve

    Sherry vinegar reserve

    2,95 €

    FDS Reserva Sherry vinegar has a deep mahogany color with amber highlights, and an unmistakable aroma with notes of vanilla, roasted coffee, nuts, and wood. Its taste is sour and dry, like Sherry wines. As an essential condiment in the Mediterranean diet, it is ideal for making dressings, vinaigrettes, marinades, for pickling, and for seasoning meat and... Learn
  22. Pedro Ximenez Sherry vinegar

    Pedro Ximenez Sherry vinegar

    3,45 €

    FDS Pedro Ximénez Sherry vinegar is characterized by a deep dark mahogany color, with great body and density. This semi-sweet vinegar owes its character to the wine that lends its name. In its sharp aroma, there are highlights of sundried fruits, roasted coffee, or licorice. Suitable for making dressings, sauces, and reductions, as well as to give a... Learn
  23. Andalusí sweet wine vinegar

    Andalusí sweet wine vinegar

    3,25 €

    Sweet and sour vinegar, with a balsamic taste and bitter notes. FDS Andalusi vinegar is elaborated following the traditional methods of Andalusia’s Middle Ages and is aged for at least 5 years in oak barrels. A dense and full-bodied vinegar, perfect for making dressings, sauces, and reductions, innovating in recipes with a bittersweet twist, and... Learn
  24. Natural flor de sal

    Natural flor de sal

    3,25 €

    100% natural Flor de Sal. Recommended for seasoning and decorating all kinds of dishes. 110 g. Learn
  25. 5 Pepper flor de sal

    5 Pepper flor de sal

    3,65 €

    Spicy and intensely aromatic Flor de Sal. Ideal for seasoning all meats, fish, pasta, soups, stews, sauces, and rice. 125 g. Learn
  26. Black flor de sal

    Black flor de sal

    3,65 €

    With an intense salty flavor and a mild aroma, black Flor de Sal is ideal for seasoning and decorating foods with color contrast. Recommended for pasta, fish, cream, potatoes, and rice. 110 g. Learn
  27. Smoked flor de sal

    Smoked flor de sal

    3,90 €

    Flor de Sal smoked using different types of wood, especially oak. Complementing its salty taste, a slight smoky taste and intense aroma. Recommended for seasoning meats, especially game and poultry, but also fish and vegetables. 110 g. Learn
  28. Natural sea salt flakes

    Natural sea salt flakes

    3,25 €

    100% natural Salt Flakes. The pyramidal shape makes it perfect for seasoning and decorating all kinds of dishes, especially meat, fish and grilled vegetables, foie gras, salads, and cold soups. 70 g. Learn
  29. 5 Pepper sea salt flakes

    5 Pepper sea salt flakes

    3,65 €

    For its intense aroma, touch of spice, and crystallization in the form of small pyramids, it is recommended for seasoning and decorating meats, fish, soups, stews, salads, pasta, and rice. 70 g. Learn
  30. Mediterranean sea salt flakes

    Mediterranean sea salt flakes

    3,65 €

    With its intense aroma of Mediterranean herbs and the pyramidal shape, it is recommended for decorating and seasoning all meats, such as lamb, poultry and game, but also fish, rice, pizzas and salads, sauces, or soups, whose main ingredient is tomato. 70 g. Learn

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