Olive Oils

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  1. Extra virgin olive oil

    Extra virgin olive oil

    4,20 €

    FDS Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense fruity flavor resulting from the mixture of three of the most prized olive varieties: Picual, Arbequina, and Hojiblanca. Especially recommended for dressing salads and gazpacho, on toast, for a typical Andalusian breakfast, for seasoning vegetables (fresh or cooked), and grilled fish, or for frying. 250 ml. Learn
  2. Extra gift box - "Dressing"

    Extra gift box - "Dressing"

    20,50 €

    Extra gift box - "Dressing" includes Extra virgin olive oil, Reserve Sherry vinegar, Natural Flor de Sal & Natural Salt Flakes. Learn
  3. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Biozait

    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -...

    5,65 €

    Aceites Guadalentín most traditional recipe Learn

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